Stinger CB350F: New Exhaust, Coming Together Nicely

Posted: June 12, 2017 by noahyamen

Stinger Honda Cb350F New Exhaust 1

The progress has been good and steady over the last couple of months and now it's really coming together nicely. This month I'll be able to see phase-1 of the bike complete. I want Tia to be able to enjoy riding this bike through the summer and fall, since she's never been able to ride this one. Then we can tear it back down over the next winter and properly go through the fine details. 

Stinger Honda Cb350F New Exhaust 4

This last week I purchased a very nice exhaust setup from a friend who happens to be working on another CB350four racer. And I'm really loving the new 4 into 1 headers and muffler. It sounds terrific, and looks so sharp.

Here is a video of it running so you can hear the new sound.

That's not all 4 cylinders firing, by the way. Since it's just running off of whatever fuel was left in the float bowls, theres 1 or 2 bowls that I think have a crack/leak in the overflow tube. 

We've also removed the ugly green fork tube covers, and installed new headlight brackets. In the process, I discovered the top triple clamp has a substantial crack in it. So adding that replacement to the list of to-do's this month. 


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