Deathwing GL1000: Neck Support, Airbox, Electronics

Posted: December 20, 2012 by noahyamen

Gas  Fuel  Tank  Electronics 5

One of the largest hurdles from doing a monoshock setup on a vintage Goldwing is the relocation of the fuel tank. Normally, the tank is located under the seat. But with the monoshock this obviously wouldn't work. So something needed to be done to accommodate a tank back on the top of the bike.

Normally, the Goldwing has a storage compartment where the tank would be. And the frame is shaped like a cage, versus having a neck or spine running down the center. So what I had to do was chop off the “cage" section of the frame, and weld in a neck (which added strength to the monoshock).

Another thing that needed to be changed was the airbox. Since there was no longer room to fit the original airbox, I needed to make a new one that could fit underneath the neck.
Finally, all of the electronic components had to be relocated as well. They normally lined the outside walls of the “cage" frame, but needed to layout flat underneath the fuel tank.


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