Little Wing GB500: Reassembling the GB500

Posted: November 04, 2014 by noahyamen

Redkote  Tank  Rebuild  Gb500 3

Finally, after replacing virtually everything, rebuilding just about every component, the GB500 is ready to ride. Here's a number of the things that were done:

The fuel tank was full of rust, so to clean it out I went through several gallons of apple cider vinegar. With it, you fill the tank up and let it set for a while. Then cycle through another pour. After that ran it's course, I used RedKote to seal it all up.

All the regular maintenance stuff was done; new chain, tires and tubes, brake pads, fluids, oil filter, levers, etc.

All faded plastics were repainted. All chrome parts were restored. The taillight and turn signals were also updated with modern, after market, parts (not pictured).


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