Stinger CB350F: The Stinger Lives!

Posted: May 25, 2017 by noahyamen

Stinger Cb350F Carbs

Last weekend I spent some time rebuilding a new set of old carburetors for this bike. They had definitely been sitting for quite some time. One of the sliding pistons was stuck, and each bowl had built up rust inside of them. And virtually every passage way was blocked.

So after taking it apart, and running each carb through the sonic cleaner, I was able to free everything up. Rebuilt all of it with new jets, o-rings, gaskets, etc. And replaced the nasty bowls with a set of (relatively) new ones. 

After that, I finally set the Dyna S electronic ignition. Did this via static timing, and it worked like a charm. After hooking up fuel to the carbs, turned the key and kicked it over and it fired right up! I love when a plan comes together. 


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