Deathwing GL1000: Monoshock Fabrication

Posted: December 15, 2012 by noahyamen

Gl1000  Goldwing  Monoshock  Honda 4

Here's the start of a new project: 1976 Honda GL1000 Goldwing Bobber. Everyone's always laughed when i tell them how long I've wanted to do a Goldwing bobber. It sounds ridiculous, because it kind of is. But growing up, my dad took our family on camping trips all over the states. And it was always on his 77' Goldwing, with sidecar.

So for a long time ive wanted to build a Goldwing to my liking out of nostalgic purposes. I bought this back in september, and while the weather was still nice I spent most of the time riding it with minimal changes. But now it's time to go under the knife.

I cut the back-end off of entirely, minus the swing-arm/drive-end of course. It all had to go to accommodate the monoshock setup I have in mind. Using a shock from a Yamaha Virago, I started measuring and laying out the shock frame support.

For the mounting points; I re-used the mounting plates from the stock rear shocks, and welded them to the bottom of the monoshock frame. The frame supports meet-up with a flat plate that is welded across the swing-arm to try to evenly distribute the weight.


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