Stinger CB350F: New Project: My wife's Honda CB350four

Posted: December 01, 2014 by noahyamen

Honda  Cb350  Cb350F  Cb350Four 3

Before we even started seeing each other, my wife had a bike of her own. She bought a 1972 Honda CB350four from a local guy for $400. Needed some work, (and still does) but it's complete. 

I've bought a number of things for it already: A Ballistic 4-cell battery, Dyna S electronic ignition, and GL1000 coils to name a few. We're going to be making a bit of a brat styled cafe racer. 

First order of business was the tank. She definitely wanted to go with a bare metal tank, and she didn't waste any time sanding it down. After lots of sanding and polishing, we sealed it with a clear coat.


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