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Carburetor Rebuilding

Let One-Offs take the headache out of rebuilding your carburetors. Your rebuild includes the complete disassembly of your carbs, a thorough cleaning inside a sonic cleaner, all passage ways cleared and cleaned, and the installation of new parts. Pricing starts at $85 per carburetor, plus cost of parts.

Carburetor Restoration

Have your carburetors seen better days? Let me bring that back to original condition! I will full disassemble each carburetor, and blast each carb body using micro glass bead media to restore it's original shine. Each carburetor will then be thoroughly cleaned out, with each part individually ran through a sonic cleaning bath. Pricing starts at $95 per carburetor, plus any additional costs for parts needed.

Carburetor Cleaning

Just need a simple carb cleaning? I'll fully disassemble the carburetors, run each part through the sonic cleaner, clear out every passage, and unstick any moving part. Pricing starts at $65 per carburetor.



Could your bike use some TLC? Whatever your needs are; oil change, fuel injector cleaning, tire replacements, electrical issues... One-Offs can take it on. General maintenance starts at $65 per hour, plus the cost of parts if necessary.

Gas Tank Restoration

Rust inside your gas tank? No problem! I can remove all of the rest that's built up inside, and permanently seal the interior to prevent rust from ever returning.

Custom Modifications

Want your bike to really stand out? One-Offs has what it takes to execute the highest standard of custom modifications. We do it all in-house: metal fabrication & welding, painting, restoration, wiring, design, and tuning. Pricing starts at $95 per hour + cost of materials and parts.

Accessory Installation

Have a new accessory that you'd like installed? Big or small, I can take it on. Whether it's a stereo, or a new electronic ignition replacement, I can take it on for you.

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