Deathwing GL1000: Weber IDF 40 carbs, clip-ons, and controls

Posted: May 25, 2016 by noahyamen

Weber  Idf 40  Double 6

For several years I wanted to attempt setting up dual Weber IDF 40 carbs on this. It's such a beautiful look, and an improvement in power. This year I finally pulled the trigger and bought the carbs. The intake manifolds come from 

Creating the throttle linkage wasn't too difficult. I used a lot of linkage parts and kits from www.piercemanifolds, of which stocks a lot of stuff for Weber carbs. After a little trial and error, I was able to piece together everything I needed to make it work. 

After I was finished, miraculously the bike fired up immediately and before even changing the jets it was running terrific. I could notice an enormous difference in power. Additionally, it was time to upgrade the hand controls and levers to something modern. And I wanted to try going with a more aggressive riding stance so I've installed clip-on handle bars.


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